Carry it throughout 2011!!

We are experiencing a Winter Wonderland here in Alabama! It is the most amazing sight!!! I love it. The beauty of the snow is amazing!!
We also experienced a White Christmas this year! Now that one will go down in the record books. It was just another touch of a Christmas miracle!
I feel as though I am child that has… been set free in a toy factory. My heart is filled with love and joy and my truest desire is to pass it onto others through out 2011!
Although it is true that this Season brings with it much joy and peace; along with an abundance of giving and love, we can carry this all with us every day of our lives. That is what I intend to do through Wings of Encouragement.
As we approach the New Year, let us all vow to carry the miracles of Christmas with us each day of our lives.
Have a beautiful day everyone and I have missed you all!!
(((((Hugs & Love))))
Here is a photo of our the snow here in Alabama this morning!


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