Good Morning Everyone!!
Prayer is such a powerful tool in my life and one that I use quite often. Sometimes when I think that I am not seeing the results of my prayers ; if I sit back and really assess the situation , honestly , I will find that either my requests were totally selfish ones or they have been answered wi…th my best interest in mind; which may not be what I actually “think” I need. Yes, sometimes what I think I need is not necessarily the best for me and I am ok with that today. However, no matter how it happens , It Always Turns out with for my highest good!!
As I have prayed for certain people and situations for several years now; I am beginning to see it all unfold before my eyes and it is truly amazing! This Christmas is really special and exciting. As if having my sister back in our lives is not amazing enough; now her 2 sons are also here and that is , well, how do I say this ; “off the chain”, ya that is a good way of putting it, lol!
No matter who or what you pray to; never give up. Sometimes we may not can see the evidence of our prayers coming into existence, but they are and one day you will be able to look back and see just how you were being taken care of. The Universe is always working things out for our best interest. So, never give up and keep those prayers going; soon you will see, just how wonderfully everything has worked out!
Have a fabulous day everyone!!
(((hugs & love)))


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