Ebrace Humanity

For years I kept people at a distance.  I always feared that if they got to know the “real me”; I would only be rejected and since rejection is an extremely painful emotion ; I just kept to myself.  

Isolation was my answer for anything that went wrong in life.  I would run into hibernation just to avoid dealing with the simplest of matters. 

Now you can imagine what type of life that was.  I feared almost everything that existed and I could walk into a room full of people and be lonely.  Living this way soon lead to much despair ; so I started reaching out for something to change the way that I felt.  I also soon found just that and before long became even more isolated; and now the fear had turned into paranoia!  I thought that this would be the way that I would live the rest of my life.  However ; my God had something else in store for me and now I embrace life.  I have experienced all that there is that goes along with living a life controlled by drugs, but I have defeated all the odds and now I am living my life.  I no longer fear people, places, or things.  Today I know that not every human being is out to get me and that all of humanity has something positive to offer. 

Living among society and allowing others into my life has taught me that everyone is truly doing the very best that they can with what they have; including myself.  When I work with others I am happier than I ever was when I was out there alone.

There is another way to live life..!! There can be an end to drug/alcohol dependence.  You can live a happy, joyous, fun, free & prosperous life without it.  I know because once they had a hold of my life in such a horrific manner.  Now they no longer  control what I do or who I am!  It is an awesome way of life.

My dream today and my soul purpose for creating Wings of Encouragement; was to let others know that there is life out there after drugs.  A prosperous one at that.  I believe so differently today and I live a life I never thought was possible.  I am here if anyone needs to talk and we have a facebook page for any of you who want to visit on a daily basis for some honest; positive sharing.

Have a wonderful holiday season and know that life has its ups and downs but it is meant to be lived !!SO DO JUST THAT!! Enjoy your life because you deserve to be happy just like anyone else and you deserve for great things to happen to you.

((((Hugs & Love)))))



2 thoughts on “Ebrace Humanity”

  1. Hey, Wendy!

    Such a great post. I also lived in much isolation when I moved to this area about 17 yrs ago. Lots going on, which I can tell you about later, but it did cause me to feel very isolated for a long, long time. I am now just getting my life back, slowly, and it is feeling good! Yes, ups & downs, etc. but now not as big in between. And, not nearly so much isolating……although I do like to think of some “down” time as my way of “cocooning” but that is different from isolating.

    I am so grateful that you decided to start doing this page. It is always nice to read every day.

    Also just wanted to mention, because it is an issue of mine, (anal-retentive part of me!) that you have a little typo in the title……Embrace, instead of Ebrace……sorry!

    Have a great night!

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn!!
      I agree there is a difference between “down time” and isolation. I always take time out for me in the mornings and without it I am just off balance. I am even thinking about spending an evening watching a movie alone with the Christmas tree lights on. Now that is huge for me. I can actually be alone with me and feel good about myself.
      Oh ya it shouldn’t say “Ebrace” I updated it when I saw the mistake and I fixed it, but obviously it didn’t do. lol,,thanks for the heads up on that, I hate typos too but I am so impatient that before I know it I am hitting publish without checking for spelling errors.
      Have a great Christmas girl..
      (((hugs & love)))

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