I am a Survivor

“Believing in myself was something I never thought that I would be able to do. After years of work and still many more to go; I am beginning to have confidence in ME!!
Although this has taken a lot of work; along with some painful emotional healing, it has all been worth it. I feel what I need to feel and I keep going. Its tuly th…at simple! Now I didnt’ say that it was easy and at times its down right painful, but I do know that every second of it has made me who I am today and I am grateful for that!
Children that lived in conditions that I experienced as a child, are not given much of a chance in society. According to statistics I should be in prison or dead by now. I am so grateful that I have a God that I can depend on and who has been right by my side as I have beat the odds!!
Today, I can believe in myself and I know that with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, anything is possible and no matter what comes my way; as long as I can keep putting one foot in front of the other and do the right thing for the right reasons (even when noone is looking) I can be whatever it is I put my my mind to!!
Always remember that no matter what you have experienced throughout your life; you can be anything you set your mind to. You are worth it!!!
(((((hugs & love))))))



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