Follow Your Heart

When I read this a few minutes ago it really hit me hard.

I read a daily meditation called “Journey to the Heart”, by Melody Beattie and that is the exact journey that I am on.  Following my heart; what lyes deep within me. 

Sometimes this becomes confusing to me, because of the disease of addiction, I tend to have a problem with figuring out who is talking-the disease or my heart-.  However I am growing beyond what I ever thought or imagined and this attached reading hit home with me.  If it makes any sense to anyone; I actually felt something when I read it. 

I am following my heart today.  I am going with what feels right within me and I know that each day that I choose to face life and its difficulties without using any mind or mood altering chemicals, I am a miracle!!! I HAVE A CHANCE!!!

(((hugs & love)))



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