Being there for others.

Great Morning to all of you!!!
This is going to be a great day!! I hope each of you are feeling it as I am!
Today (as every day should be) is a day to lend a comforting ear to those who may be struggling this holiday season with the loss of someone they love. While helping those that are less fortunate than us financi…ally, we need to also remember those who may be facing this season alone and those who will be experiencing the holidays without a loved one for the first time. Lending a compassionate ear and kind word and hugs are of such importance.
If you know someone that is experiencing either of the above this season, send them your love with your creative abilitiies; Bake them some cookies, send them a plate, give them a gift, spend some time with them or invite them to Christmas dinner . There are many ways you can be of support and encouragement. Many just need someone to talk to and we are here at WOE for those of you who need a friend during this time. Our prayers and love go out to each of you.
Remember that you always have a friend.
Have A Spectacular Day My Friends!!
(((hugs & love))))
WendySee More


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