Positive Energy

What is draining you of all your Positive Energy?

Learn to tell what people, places, and things drain you of your energy.  Then learn to let go of them!

Yes , I know it sounds so simple; yet it is not easy.  The truth of the matter is it truly is that easy.  You make a conscious decision to just let go and move on.  If there is hurt or guilt involved; feel those feelings.  I like  to go stand in the shower and cry as the tears flow down my face.  Then I also will go outside and just scream at the top of my lungs; Or I will punch on a punching bag.  Whatever it is I need to do; as long as it doesn’t bring harm upon someone else or myself ; that is what I do. 

Life is truly too short to be miserable and today I don’t have to take on the responsibility of someone else’s happiness or hurt.  What I do have to do is take care of mine. 

When I realistically look at the matter at hand; I cannot control anyone; at all! They are responsible for their choices and their happiness.  Have you ever tried repeatedly to  change an individual, to genuinely try to make them happy , only to continuously fail?  Others are going to be who they want and although they may try and pretend to be like you want them to be etc..eventually their true selves’ come out in the open and then there is the  frustration all over again.

Not allowing someone else to rob you of your energy is hard indeed; but with practice it is an achieveable task.  The process takes time, but with perseverence and practice it is well worth it.  When I can walk in a room and not be afraid of what others are thinking; when I can continue to smile and love although someone else may walk in the door and act as if they just came straight out of the depths of hell; When I can go where my heart leads me and not carry the opinions of others on my shoulder; Then I can find true peace with me and all that I am meant to be. 

When we take care of ourselves and protect our “enery” field we are much more productive individuals and we can love and be loved in intimate ways. 

Take in all the beauty around you and know that you are specially and wonderfully created with a purpose like none other.  You are meant to love and be loved. Practice Protecting your energy for it is a sacred gift.  One that has much power whether you realize it or not. It’s how our Universe operates and it is to be treasured.

Wendy Box


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