Our Horizons are Limitless

Have you ever tried the art of Visualization?

Well, its quite magical if you ask me, but it is just another magnifcant way that our body works with the Universe.  I use to be extremely skeptical about this and honestly would laugh at the thought of such a thing.  However over the past 2 years I have learned to practice this most precious “Art” and it has shown itself to transform on several occasions in my life. 

When my heart is right and I find myself truly desiring something I visualize “EXACTLY” what it is that I want ; and when I say exactly I mean to the “T”.  I visualize the color, the picture of what it is that I want, until I can actually see it in my head.  Then I take in all the feelings that go along with receiving this visualization; excitement, happiness, beauty, etc.  I focus intensely and allow myself to feel as though I have already received what it is I am visualizing.  Then I spend time doing this on a daily (sometimes several times a day) basis.

Yes it may sound extreme but I have actually seen it come to pass in my life.  I use to visualize my sister being in a support meeting with me; my nephew  and sister being at one of my celebrations and they are both clean now; My celebration is in less than a month; so yes I am excited.  I once visualized receiving a red sports car, of which I did, and before 6 months I lost the car, due to my husband’s company being hit hard by the economy.  So be careful what it is that you visualize and make sure that you are able to handle it. 

One of the hardest things for me with visualization is that I am 46 years old and just started applying the techniques about a year and a half ago; so I still have old thoughts instilled in my head of “I don’t deserve this or that” “I am skeptical” and so forth.  If I am visualizing something I have to believe that it is possible.  I can’t practice this and then walk away saying things like, “Ya right, like that is going to happen”.  This is just contradicting exactly what it is that I am desiring, therefore I am also sending those signals out to the Universe. 

There are times when I pray for things like Prosperity and I will think of all the ways that this could happen; however the key word here is Prosperity, so therefore what I actually receive may be in a different manner. 

I am not trying to say that I always receive what I visualize, but I do know that when I spend faithful time in this area of my life , I receive what it is my heart believes .  I don’t have any guaranties but I do know what works for me and that is what I am sharing with you.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day.

(((hugs & love))))



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