Good Morning My Dear Friends,
This is an amazing day!!! There are so many different things I want to share you with you , but I have to take deep breaths and slow myself down, or I will overload everyone, lol!!! I am feeling the most beautiful peace and serenity. Excitement is also filling my soul; There is so much …to be excited about in life, when you open up to all the possibilities that are available to each one of us. Take advantage of it all, it’s yours for the asking; Just ask and believe and watch how magically it will unfold.
I wanted to share something that came to me last night as I was reading over the Good Night Post; My mind has been pondering with , “What is it that we have here at Wings Of Encourgement?”: Yes we have a community, friendship, place of encouragement; but none of those words seemed to describe exactly how I truly felt about this site. As I continued to read the post , I realized we are just that, FAMILY. We share our positive thoughts, encouraging thoughts; we are willing to help others during difficult times; we laugh together and we are developing some wonderful bonds with one another. So, I decided to refer to each one of you as “my online family”!!! (hope everyone is ok with that)
So to my Wings of Encouragement Family; Have a wonderfully blessed and prosperous day!!
((((((((Hugs & Love))))))))))))



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