Let Go

 Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying this long holiday week-end, I know that I am!! The cold weather has finally set in here in Alabama and it feels so wonderful. I love this time of year; all of the lights, get togethers, and opportunities to give, its wonderful.
I am feeling a deep connection this mor…ning with my God . One that has brought me such peace. I like to share with you where I am and what I may be going through in life. I don’t have nor claim to have all the answers; but I do know that I am living differently today and I share from my heart so I share it with you.
I know today that if something or someone is draining me of all my energy and brings anger or frustration into my life, I have to let it go. Sometimes this may be a difficult task, however when I find myself quick to anger or judgements and no energy to focus on all the good in my life, I have to make a change.
Today I am freed from the limitations of my past and I know that God did not bring me this far just to drop me off. When I find myself holding on or feeling overly responsible for situations/people that are out of my control, I begin to feel as though I have failed someone or something; When this occurs its like a dominoe effect and before I know it I am in a negative state of being and I begin placing judgements on myself and others; Then I begin to let go of all the positive in my life and my desire to work on all that I have been blessed with disappears. I am not willing to allow this today so before the dominoe effect can occur; I turn it lose with lovingkindess and I release the situation/individual over to their Highest Good. This doesn’t mean I don’t care or that I don’t want the best for the person, place, or thing; it only means that today I love myself enough to not allow anything to get in the way of my sanity. This is a process for me and one that I am willing to take today, because I know that I deserve for good things to happen in my life and I am moving forward; however I cannot do this if I have situations/people pulling me backwards. As long as this is done with lovingkindness; I have done no wrong.
Life is meant to be lived to its fullest with peace, joy, prosperity, & happiness. If something is holding you down, pulling you backwards, or draining your energy, gently with love and in a nonjudgemental way, let go and move on with your life; for you too deserve the best that life has to offer.
I hope each of you have a day filled with happiness, fun and joy. Don’t forget to take care of you; by doing so you are better able to love and care for others.
((((((((Hugs & love)))))))))))))))
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