Hello everyone, its almost time to bring the day to a close and what a wonderful day it has been. I am so blessed, beyond words. My God has allowed me to be part of such a wonderful group of people. I am able to be of comfort and encouragement to some hurting people. Today I am able to bring them a special somethin…g on Thanksgiving Day, to listen when they need a shoulder to cry on , to therapeutically help them with their problems! Wow, I am so blessed, that I just want to scream right now. God has been so great to me and my life is full of so many beautiful people.
I hope that each of you have been focussing on all that is in your life that you have to be grateful for . You are wonderfully and specially made and there is no other like you, You are uniquely crafted there for you have a unique purpose on this Universe.
If you are able; please give to an organization , to a homeless person, to a women’s shelter; There are many organizations, but you don’t have to donate a large amount of money to make a difference. Just think if 1000 people gave just one can of food, Wow we could really make a difference.
Hope you each have a wonderful night filled with dreams of peace and prosperity.
(((hugs & love))
Remember You Deserve The Best!


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