Let Go

Ok, so I am sitting here thinking which do I work on first, the book, the studying, the poetry..etc. and as I was looking through my photos for a cover to my book, this one jumped out at me. It brought a memory back of how it actually feels to stand out in the rain.
Mind you before my life changed, drastically I migh……t add, about 4 years ago, I never took any kind of suggestions from anyone and I would NEVER have thought of standing out in the rain!!
However, as I was starting to feeling the guilt & shame connected to my previous years of life, I knew that if I didn’t find a way to release them I was going to use again and that just wasn’t acceptable to me. So, I heard this song by Tim McGraw that really became personal to me -” I’m gonna stand out in the rain and let it wash it all away.” While that is the title of the song, all the words hit home with me. So I decided to do just that – STAND OUT IN THE RAIN AND LET IT WASH AWAY ALL MY PAIN!!!!
Since I am not a fan of lightening, I waited for a time when it was misting rain one day I decided to Go For It!! Of course my husband thought I was losing it, but by this time he had quit asking questions. As I stood out in the middle of my yard, allowing the rain soak my body; i felt the most amazing release of guilt and shame. Of course I used visualization with this process and it was so magical. Just feeling the rain on my body was enough to send me into a wonderous state of mind , but adding the visualization with it,,WOW!! I can still remember that day!! I felt so free at that moment.

If you have something going on with you that you just can’t seem to shake; Use the sources that the Universe offers. Stand out in the rain and let it all go!!! It’s a wonderful cleansing experience.

((hugs & love))



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