Hello everyone,
I am taking a break at work and wanted to share a little of what has gone on with me tonight at work..As I have told you I work at an Alcohol and Drug Tr…eatment Facility and I work with both clients and family members. I truly enjoy my job and am so grateful for this opportunity. For those of you who are not familiar with Addiction, it is a hideous thing to be a part of. There is large amounts of pain and destruction brought on due to this disease, along with loss of family and lives. So it goes without saying that I am working with a lot of lost hope and faith in the process of recovery and even those that are truly losing hopes that they will ever be able to do this thing called living clean.
Yes I do face the odds on a daily basis, but that doesn’t stop me from giving what I believe in, every one the best of me that I can. So it goes to day that when I see a family member’s eyes whep up with tears because they have heard something that has opened their eyes; They say things like “I understand better”, Thank you , You’ve made a difference; I am so grateful for these sessions; and when I hear clients say; “If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t still be here”, “Wow, I think I can do this thing, thank you” ; and especially when previous clients come back with 18 months clean and tell me I was a huge part of their recovery!!
Tonight I was blessed to hear all of these comments and I was the one overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for the life that I have today and the honor of being able to give back to society; to be a living example of how different life can be when you take a few simple steps; Wow, and I am so grateful to God for giving me that second chance at living life.
Whatever you do; do it with all of your heart and the rewards that you receive will be more precious than gold!!
(((((((Hugs & Love ))))))))))))


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