Positive Thinking

Good morning Friends,,Hope that everyone had a peaceful night’s sleep.
My morning started very early, of which I am not use to , and it is very chilly and rainy. I was not able to attend to my morning rituals due to having an appointment at 7:30am, so I found myself “off-balance”. As the morning progressed I also n…oticed how my attitude was not very pleasant and I seemed to be noticing negative things instead of the positive. When this realization hit me , I immediately began to speak positive energy into place towards any thing or one that I had spoke negative about. Wow at the outcome!!!!! Immediately my entire perspective turned around. The rain is much needed here in the South and that was the first thing I focussed on; but before I knew it my entire attitude had changed. Wow how amazing the Power of Positive thinking and Gratitude are!!!!!!!
So today if it seems like your “off center” start putting Positive Talk into play, along with finding something or someone that you are truly grateful for,,something that puts a spark in your step..etc. Practice Practice Practice until this way of life becomes as natural as breathing.
Hope everyone has a day filled with happiness and joy. What a wonderful day it is , rain, cold , and all!! I am loving it!!
(((((Hugs & Love))))


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