Good Morning/Meditation

 Good Morning Wings Of Encouragement Readers!!!!!!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful night’s sleep and that you are refreshed and ready to take on this wonderful Sunday. We are having some much needed rain and it sounds and smells so wonderful.
I know that everyone can identify with what I am about to share; About H…ow when we pray for something; say it out loud or write about it; How when your working on a particular area in your life etc…How things just come your way on the very topic you are working on!! I love it when this happens and it just goes to show that the Law of Attraction does work.
My morning meditation was about “Finding your Center” and this is just what I needed, because like I was sharing yesterday with you, I have been trying new things in the meditation area of my life.
I just wanted to share a few examples of being at your Center and let you know that it takes practice, time, and most importantly desire and commitment.
Here are some signs of being at your center; Quiet, Relaxed. Feeling right about what you are doing. On track, In Harmony. At Peace. In balance, No turbulent emotions racing through you. No disorganized thoughts clamoring through your head. Your body feels aligned and you feel connected. What you do and say comes from your center.. It feels right and honest. It feels like you and you feel connected to your self, your deepest self, your soul. Your heart is open. And so is your mind.
This is the place that I am seeking to live my life. I am finding a way to get to that place, and plan on going there often. Some things that may help are nature, listening to music, going for a walk, repeating a prayer, forms of deep breathing or meditation techniques and/or cds.
I just wanted to share this with everyone, b/c this is where I am today and I always make sure I am sharing from my heart.
Have a day filled with peace, joy, & happiness.
(((With Love))


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