Positive Energy


Gladden Yourself

Have you really considered how many opportunities you
have had to gladden yourself, and how many of them
you have refused?

A Course in Miracles

I met a man who has found a way to be happy. Dr. Christian Almyrac, also known as “Dr. Happiness, ” uses a simple technique to reframe situations that seem negative.

“Ask yourself, ‘What is the happiest thought I can think about this sit–uation?’ ” suggests Dr. Almyrac, “and then assume and act as if that is the truth about it. ”

I have been practicing the method, and it works. If, for example, you are faced with the end of a relationship, and you have a whole range of thoughts about it, including, “Everything I do ends in failure, ” and “This just proves that men are turkeys, ” and “Here is my opportunity to learn to love myself without needing a man, ” imagine that the last thought? the most empowering?is the truth. You will succeed because the truth is al–ways the thought that brings us the most life. Conversely, if something brings you down to think it, it cannot be the final truth.

A friend was agonizing over which of two job offers she would accept. Although both jobs were attractive to her, choosing either one would give her certain benefits she would miss if she chose the other. “I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t, ” Sharon recounted. I was surprised to hear that, since both jobs sounded like good ones.

“It seems to me that you actually have a pleasant dilemma here, ” I told her. “You’re choosing between two good things. I would say that you’re blessed if you do and blessed if you don’t. ”

There are two ways that we can gladden ourselves: first, by asking for what we want and being willing to receive it when it is offered; and sec–ond, by shifting our attitude about what we have, so that we see the gift rather than the problem. The truth brings happiness.

I pray to see and receive the blessings You bring me.

Help me see my life through the eyes of love
rather than fear.

My birthright is joy. I choose it now.

This meditation is an excerpt from Alan Cohen‘s meditation book, A Deep Breath of Life.

No matter what may come our way in life,,we always have a choice as to how we are going to respond to the issue at hand.  When we choose to find the positive in all that happens in our life and change our perspective on whatever it may be that comes our way,,Truly amazing things begin to take place for us. 

Today I am grateful to have a choice in matters that appear in my life.  At one time I wasn’t able to choose the drugs chose for me.  Today I have my life , not only back, but a life that is much better than any life I ever imagined possible. Working on me and giving back to society;  living just for today;  really knowing me;  being of service; Practicing the Power of Positive Thinking; are just some of the ways that my life has changed.  I hope that you will take the time today to realize that you have a choice in how you want your life to be.  A little willingness and openmindedness to try something new is all you need to change your world in some drastic ways.  The true beauty is that the most valuable change happens internally and that is something noone can take from you. 

(((Hugs & Love)))



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