Positive Energy

Goooooooooooood Morning my precious freinds that are so dear to my heart. I hope that each of you had a restful sleep last night. I know that I did and I am enjoying this time that I have to myself. It is very peaceful in my home,,for the hubby and chitlins (lol) are gone off on a mission.
I am full of joy today. …I am learning the art of meditation and it is so exciting to me. I use so many different techniques to meditate and one of the most effective for me is writing. I love to write in my journal. Today I decided to add some breathing techniqes in, along with visualizations. It was really , as I say, NEAT!! I truly believe in the Power of Visualization for the mind is such a powerful organ. I get really excited when I see how everything just seems to work together for the good of all concerned. Our brains have the power to visualize our dreams and bring them into being; our thoughts have the power to keep us in a Positive state of being; Our Positive Energy attracts the Positive into our life: The Universe bends our way in all areas of our life, when we allow it to.; and the truly neat thing for me is that My God Created all of the above to work for me not against me. Isn’t that amazing?? I truly believe it is. Just wanted to share where I was today with each of you , because it excites me so much to be in this wonderful place and the more I share it with others the more it grows.
I hope each of you have a wonderful Saturday, one in which you take time to have some fun and enjoy life.
((((((Hugs & Love))))))))

Photo by:

John cook


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