I absolutely adore this photo.  The peace that I feel when I look at is where I want to get with my meditations. 

As I shared with you all this morning I am trying new things with my morning meditations and it is very exciting. 

What are some of you ways of practicing Meditating?

Here are some examples of things you may want to try:   

            a)  Writing – writing has always been a way that I communicate with my Higher Power, who I called God.  I find myself not only releasing negative energies during the process, but many times the answer to a dilemma that I may be facing, seems to always appear. 

             b) Practicing breathing techniques:  I will breathe in each positive energy that I can think of and as I am breathing in , I will breathe from within my solar flexis area (which is just inches below my navel).  Breathe in the positive; Positivity, Breathe out by flexing your solar flexis are in, as if you are emptying your body of all the toxins in your stomach, Breathe in Peace as you are expanding your solar flexis area, as if you are filling your body with all the positive,,and so forth,,breathe in patience, tolerance, love, hope, etc…breathe out dishonesty, self-pity, anger, etc.  ……..Be in a comfortable sitting position as you are doing these breathing techniques; extend your arms out and around the sides of your body, then bring them in a circle motion towards the navel area on the stomach, with your hands coming together as if you are pushing in all the positive; As you exhale, hold your palms in an outward motion has you circle your hands down and out, as if your pushing all the negative out of your entire body. 

       c) find a meditation tape that works for you and use earphones to keep all outside noise out,,There are many you can choose from.  Go to your search engine on the web and just type in Meditation Cd’s ,,there will be several for you to check out and most of them will allow you to listen to sections of them so you can choose what is right for you.

        d) Always find a time of morning that is good for you; One in which you are the only one around therefore you will be free of distractions.  Sometimes we have to sacrifice on this step. But it is all in how badly you want to reach that state of peace with your meditations.  If you are willing to go to any lengths then you will not have a problem setting the alarm to wake up an hour before everyone else does; etc…

If you are wanting to have that “center” , that place that you can go to each time you are in a stressful situation, then you will make the most of meditation. 

I hope that you have received some sort of encouragement and guidance in this blog.

(((Hugs & Love)))



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