Soldiers Love

 Good morning and what a great one it is!! I woke up early this morning, way before the sun rose and I was able to watch the sun come up and listen to all the different animals awake with it.  This is my favorite time of day and when I am blessed with rising with the son, I feel so enegized and full of gratitude.

Today is Veteran’s day and I hope that each of you take time out of your day to say a prayer for the men and women who are in active duty.  They risk their lives on minute by minute basis, so that we can have freedom in our courntry! Let’s not take that for granted.  I know from experience that the wounds soldiers carry with them from being involved in active duty go much deeper than any physical ailment could possibly go.  My father was a veteran of Viet Nam and was effected tremendously by this war.  Make sure you thank a Veteran today, whether in person or on the internet.  Send them emails; You can even become their pin pals, which is something they enjoy dearly.  Receiving mail is something that delights their souls. 

Take time out to give back to them just a little of what all they have given us!!

I hope your day is full of love and gratitude and that you find peace and happiness in all that you do. 

((Hugs & Love))



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