Courage; The quality of mind which enables a person to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness or wthout fear.

Whenever we face a difficult, painful, or dangerous situation with frimness we are practicing courage. Courage is an attitude; of perseverance.
… JFT October 30

When I read this from one of my daily meditations this morning, I received a serene calmness. I never have thought of myself as a courageous person, but as I started applying what I was reading to my life I began to remember all the times that I have faced so many obstacles that have been in the way of me taking my Certification Exam; yet I never gave up, I kept going!; The times when I had to face my past straight in the face and deal with the feelings of
abuse & abandonment and then let them go; And especially the times when I have stood up for my morals and values, contrary to what anyone else thought.
And the most wonderful part of it all………IT’S OK TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF!!!

I know that each of you have faced adversity straight in the face and have kept the attitude of perseverence even when things were repeatedly thrown in your way; You each have such courage to share from your heart and to reach out to others. It takes a great amount of this wonderful attitude to face a lot of the difficulties that come our way.

So give yourself a pat on the back and Be proud of yourself today, For you are one of the most COURAGEOUS PEOPLE I know.

((((Hugs & Love Everyone))))))))



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