Positive Thoughts

Good morning everyone!!
I hope you all had a restful night and that you will try and take on this day with a positive attitude, no matter what the circumstances may look like.
I have learned that when my perspective changes; my life changes. In order for that to take place, I had to become openminded and willing to tr…y some different things; To understand that just maybe if my thinking changed my life would.
I use to think that this positive thinking and being careful with my words,,etc..really wasn’t something that would work for me, until recently. I have seen not only things in my life change, but I have seen ME change and that is truly what needed the changing to begin with. I looked at the world as this hostile place and believed that the world not only owed me, but was out to get me. I felt as though “Bad things always happen to me” and constantly focussed on all the negative in life. So what happened because of that? I brought more negativity into my life and the things I seemed to fear happening to me , actually happened.

I am so grateful for openmindedness and willingness today for once I began to practice these principles, I could see all that God had available for me; I just had not been able to see any of it because of my closedmindedness.

Today when I start to close my mind down and make statements like, “This won’t work for me,” etc, I stop, take a deep breath, and thank God for openmindedness and I try it “whether I want to or not”. What is it going to hurt? It could work for me and if it doesn’t, then and only then will I know for certain, that it wasn’t for me.

Try something new today; Become willing and open your mind to new possibilities. Give yourself a break and start thinking in a more Positive way and watch all the Positive that comes into your life.
((((((((Hugs & Love)))))))))))))


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